Tiki Brain Non-cents


Tiki Brain Non-cents


Southern California born Steven Layne Grice was inspired by his brother’s drawings, which were extremely tight for his age. Steven’s weren’t, so he kept trying. The spark of that has never changed; to come up with something weird, cool, and hopefully never before seen. Then the art became an act of rebellion against the cookie-cutter So-Cal world, rebellion against boredom, and later a rebellion against illness.

Through his work Steven explores absurdities during the Anthropocene. Simultaneously searching for a taste of innocence and an epiphany of existence, his work meanders between the sweet and the grotesque -- a homebrew of allegory and smart-aleck attempts at peeling away the fabric of the lazily mundane with depictions of characters that seldom seem privy to the nuances of their own experience.

Steven pulls from a wide variety of influences: from cartoons and outsider art and music, social commentary, mythology, and twists of language. These are smelted down into inked and painted images with an effort to use found and salvaged materials as much as possible.

The use of cheap, fragile, and found materials is a commentary on our own impermanence and the throw-away unmindfulness of our society at large.

Vinyl on Acetate - 13x19

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